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Way Out
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"Only know you love her when you let her go..." (lyrics LET HER GO- Passenger)
Apr 24, 201410:05 PM

"You see her when you close your eyes"

Dear my Beetle,

Did you see me when you close your eyes? Maybe not, because when you remember me, your heart will HURT, right? These because of all my fault on you. I'm so so sorry for all that. I don't know how to make your heart back to normal, after you told me your heart was CRUSH.

"Maybe one day you'll understand why"

Why I still with you? Maybe one day you'll know why. Why I love you too much? Maybe one day you'll understand why. Why I can't let you go? Maybe you'll understand why. If one day I say "What you want with me more?" (its mean my heart doesn't have you anymore), and at that time you will understand why I told you.

"Only know you love her when you let her go"  
You always told me to let you go. But I try my best to defend our relationship. Everytime we fighting, I try my best and I never give up. But maybe for this last, one day if I give up, I never come back to you back. It's too hurt to let person who I love so much. Person who angry will say all whatever they wanna to say. Maybe if you let me go, becomes true. You'll thinking why you do like these at me at that time. I hope so you'll thinking bout that. & maybe you'll feel like...
"Well you see her when you fall asleep"
 Please hold my hand and don't let me go...

"Same old empty feeling in your heart"
Honestly, I'm a jealous person. & when you feel uncomfortable, you will say anything these can make my heart hurt. Love feeling will come when we feel happy together, but when we fighting, love doesn't had at all...
"'Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast"

"Will you let her go?"
 Can you answer this question,my beetle? please answer honestly... Will you?
"'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low"
When I'm not on your life more... you just need the light when it's burning low....

"All the underlined text base on LET HER GO Lyrics- Passengger"